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I can be a great employee (Visual Support)

This visual support is to facilitate conversation between parents and self-advocates about what it takes to be a great employee. There are many social skills involved with being a great employee, as w...

Platte County Board of Services Resource Coordinator Services

PCBS is the CDDO for Platte County. This page describes the resource coordination that is available for families residing in Platte County who have children with ID/DD. Call directly to find out what ...

Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation Transition Services

The Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation program assists eligible persons with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining quality employment. A VR counselor will work with you to determine if you are eli...

KC Regional Center

This Kansas City phone number on this page is the number to reach at KC Regional Center to follow the timeline of your application and waiting list. KC Regional Center is the center that handles intak...

JCDS website (your CDDO)

Johnson County Developmental Supports, your county CDDO

DSG Guardianship webpage

Considering whether to pursue guardianship

DSG Transition Planning webpage

Information and support in transition planning