video category: Self-Advocacy

Addie knows who to hug

Addie tells us who is appropriate to hug and who is not.

Addie greets a new friend

Addie uses her social skills to greet a new friend.

National Council on Independent Living

A video series on sex education for and by people with IDD.

Addie is Growing Up (motivational video)

Motivational video to encourage Addie to take initiative, take responsibility, and take care of herself and her home.

Long Story Shortz

In this stop motion we explore the use of visuals in our everyday life, and in the lives of students. For those of you interested, here is the general sequence of events that happen to create a Long S...

Lola’s “Introduction to STARS” video

Thank you, Lola, for starring in this important video!

Max’s movie trailer- A Journey of Independence

A fun movie trailer to motivate Max, the star of the show.

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